Industry Planning – Features

Visual, user-friendly interfaceVisual, user-friendly interface

Highly configurable on a visual level, your schedule will suit your need.

Schedule configurationSchedule configuration

According to the requirements of your trade, configure the data required for planning (commercial and production).

Time impositions and alertsTime impositions and alerts

Earliest start date, latest end date, locked jobs, automatic and manual alerts.

Planning assistancePlanning assistance

Helps you to schedule at the soonest or at the latest (just-in-time approach) while automatically meeting the route constraints.

Production progress reportProduction progress report

Monitoring the performed production, updating the schedule according to the observed durations and quantities.

Configurable jobs listsConfigurable jobs lists

Highly configurable, they can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Interface with your ERPInterface with your ERP

Automatically import jobs into the schedule and provide your information system back with ongoing planning.

Characteristics of your machinesTechnical characteristics of the scheduled machines

Operations, setting times, work rates and opening timetables of the machines (2×8, 3×8, preventive maintenance, holidays, etc.)

Visual flagsVisual flags

Configurable flags are visual indicators intended to draw the scheduler’s attention on the job status.

production rangesYour production ranges

Manage the order of precedence of jobs with different kinds of links: classical, with shifting or overlapping. Your schedule is always consistent and remains within the production constraints.

How to edit a schedule?How to edit a schedule?

Browsing and performing common actions on the schedule (creating, modifying, and moving jobs).

Customizable display modesCustomizable display modes

How to create per-user custom views of the schedule.

Workload analysisWorkload analysis

Workload histograms and analysis of rough data.