Industry Planning – A visual, user-friendly interface

A configurable, visual interface

For an intuitive, fast planning, Direct Planning uses many visual items.

Direct Planning Industry - Visual elements

Direct Planning Industry – Visual elements

A few examples and explanations in a video:


  • Job colorization is fully customizable. It can be performed according to commercial data (customer, manufacturing order, priority, etc.) or technical data (type of printing, of material, working mode of machine, etc.). Moreover, all these data can be configured for your business.
  • Blue arrows enable you to display the links between the jobs that make a production range.
  • Completed jobs are automatically grayed in order to catch less attention. A blue, horizontal bar just above the job shows its progress.
  • Visual flags: fully configurable, colored rectangles, located just above or inside a job. They draw your attention on specific, trade-related information concerning manufacturing.
  • padlock shows you that a job is locked, thus it cannot be moved.
  • Alerts on jobs make it possible to notify probable or actual production delays. An alert can also reveal that a tool or a material required for production won’t be available in time.
  • Jobs that have not been scheduled yet can be recorded on a line “to be scheduled”.

A modern, intuitive interface

The interface of Direct Planning is particularly intuitive. It features ribbon menus that are very easy to use.

As for the planning, it can be achieved by drag and drop. It is simple to grasp. Training time for Direct Planning is very short.

Industry Planning Features