Industry Planning – Customizable display modes

In Direct Planning, you can fully customize the display of the schedule according to your needs. You can even configure display modes dedicated to user profiles.  For example :

  • The main display mode dedicated to the planner.
  • A display mode dedicated to the operator of a given machine. In his overview of the schedule, he will only see his machine(s) on a limited time horizon; for example, the current week.
  • A “sales” display mode, dedicated to the sales assistants who will have a particular view that allows them to quickly answer a customer’s phone call about the progress of his order.
Direct Planning Industry - Customizable display

Direct Planning Industry – Customizable display

Configurable visual of the jobs

Thanks to different display modes, you can configure various visual appearances of the jobs in the schedule.

Configurable text and number of lines

Each job can have from 1 to 5 text lines. Each line can contain up to 3 concatenated data. Examples: Customer name, WO number, Estimated quantity, Operation wording, Article code, Process type, etc.
Furthermore, all these items are configurable according to your trade.

The font size can also be configured.

Configurable colorization method

You can automatically have the jobs of the schedule colorized according to sales information (by customer, by production order, by priority, etc.) or according to technical items (print type, material type, machine working mode, etc.).

On a job that is displayed on 5 lines, for example, you can choose to specifically colorize the 5th line according to another criterion.

Selection of displayed flags

In Direct Planning, visual flags play an important role. For a given display mode, you can decide not to display some flags. Typically, for a display mode dedicated to an operator on a given machine, you would choose to exclude those flags not concerning his activity.

Programmable formulas

Programmable formulas offer you options to customize durations and displayed information based on your business rules.
Conditional colorization formulas enable you to define and write your own rules, in order to convey the most visually impacting information for the planning manager.
For instance, you may apply the same ticket colour for all jobs sharing the same cutting-die.
In a similar fashion, conditional designations offer the ability to build custom designations showing the most relevant technical data depending on the machine to which the ticket is assigned.
This allows you to indicate technical specificities, such as the presence of braille code, directly on the planning ticket.

Direct Planning Industry - Custom display with programmable formulas

Custom display with programmable formulas

Configurable time scales

In Direct Planning, the user has 5 time scales that let him view the schedule with different zoom levels. Thanks to the display modes, you can configure the zoom level of each of these time scales.

Condensed time scales

The “Condensed time scale” feature lets you optimize the view of the planning, hiding the non-working periods of the company. For example, Saturdays and Sundays may be hidden if your company doesn’t work on week-ends. In the same way, the schedule can start at 5:00 am and finish at 9:00 pm if you work in two eight-hour shifts.

Display restrictions

As we said at the top of this page, Direct Planning allows creating display modes limiting the view of the schedule to a selection of machines or workshop sections.

In the same way, it is possible to restrict the display horizon of the schedule.

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