Industry Planning – Videos

This page shows all the videos of Direct Planning Industry.

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Presentation of Direct Planning Industry


The features of Direct Planning Industry

Tutorial 1 : The visual elements of the interface

Go to the page: A visual, user-friendly interface


Tutorial 2: The characteristics of your machines

Go to the page: The characteristics of your machines.


Tutorial 3: Configurable for your business – Entities and technical items

 Go to the page: Configurable for your business.


Tutorial 4: Visual flags

 Go to the page: the visual flags.


Tutorial 5: Time constraints and alerts

Go to the page: Time constraints and alerts.


Tutorial 6: Your production ranges – The links between jobs

Go to the page: Your production ranges.


Tutorial 7: The planning assistance

Go to the page: The planning assistance.


Tutorial 8: Browse the schedule

Go to the page: How to edit the schedule?


Tutorial 9: Edit the schedule; a few common actions

Go to the page: How to edit the schedule?