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What’s new in Direct Planning 3.8?

Volume Software is please to introduce the new features brought by Direct Planning 3.8.

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Declaration of production

In the job details, a new option enables you to perform the declaration of production via clocking.

Selection of the input method

For a started job, after selecting “Via clocking” as the input method, the user informs the date and time at which the produced quantity was observed (clocking date and time).

At the bottom of the screen, the progress bar is automatically updated with the declared quantity.
The “Result”, on the right side of the screen, is also updated:

Refresh of production forecasts

Data entered through clocking feed the “Performed” line, with recalculation of the work rate (in green in the screen capture above).
The data in the “Remaining” line is calculated according to the planned work rate.
Finally, the “Updated” line aggregates the performed declaration of production and the calculated remaining to produce.
In the Direct Planning configuration, the administrator is now able to select this new mode as the default or exclusive input method for users.

Configuration of the declaration of production by the administrator (Jobs menu)

Please note that during the refresh of a job duration, it is no longer possible to calculate the remaining quantity based on the performed quantity already observed, but only based on the theoretical expected quantity.

Barely used, the input method using the end time will be removed in a future version.


Input of quantity

In accordance with the input method for the declaration of production detailed above, a new import instruction allows you to specify an input of quantity via clocking.


Automatically open a schedule

When launching Direct Planning using command line interface, you can now indicate the user login and password, in order to access directly the desired scheduled.

In the example below, we open automatically the schedule directplanning5 on station VOLUPC203 (argument /P: in red), for user jdupont (argument /LOG: in yellow) whose password is jdp (argument /PWD: in blue).

In this, we open the schedule directplanning5 on station VOLUPC203 (in red), for user jdupont (in yellow) whose password is jdp (in blue).

This mode of operation is reserved to users in read only mode, to prevent the schedule from being locked accidentally.

Identification of the schedule on login screen

In order to help you sort things out when multiple schedules coexist on your station, the login window now indicates which schedule you are about to open.

Display of the schedule to open

Movements of grouped jobs

The movements of grouped jobs were optimized in order to offer you more coherence in the positioning of moved jobs.