Industry Planning – Analysis of workload

With Direct Planning Industry, you have many tools to analyze the production load: workload histogram, export to Excel or Open Office and descriptive files of workload.

Workload histogram

For a selection of machines or sections, it just takes one click to create a workload histogram. This histogram highlights:

  • the actual load
  • the load that is not scheduled
  • the availability
  • the capacity

The chart obtained can be directly copied and pasted in an email, printed or saved in an image file  (PNG, JPG, BMP, etc).

Workload Histograms

Exporting workload to Microsoft Excel or Open Office

The rough data that make up the workload histogram can be transferred as an array to Microsoft Excel or Open Office.

Automatically creating descriptive files of workload

Upon each schedule backup, it is possible to automatically create two data files describing the production workload:

  • the daily workload, detailed by sections and machines
  • the weekly workload, detailed by sections and machines

These data files are CSV files (comma-separated text files).

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