Direct Planning Connect

Interface solution dedicated to Direct Planning, Direct Planning Connect enables you to import any type of data in our planning software, in a fully configurable and automatic way (in the background).

This way, you can use Direct Planning Connect to import your production routes originating from an ERP system or from an Excel file. In addition, our software also enables you to retrieve the progress status of your production jobs originating from a M.E.S.


Operational Flow

Direct Planning Connect operates around 3 main steps :

  • Upstream, we have information to import in Direct Planning (jobs, production routes, time constraints, etc.).
    The interface supports source files in Excel or CSV format, or it can rely on SQL queries to retrieve this information directly from a database (SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC Connector).

  • After configuring the matches between your source of information and Direct Planning specific fields, our interface software retrieves your data, processes it and generates a standard import file in the Direct Planning import folder.

  • When Direct Planning opens, it becomes aware of the file created by Direct Planning Connect and it updates the schedule.
Screen used to set matches between your source and Direct Planning

Direct Planning Connect: Standalone software

Direct Planning Connect is a standalone software program installed along with Direct Planning : therefore, it is able to run even if Direct Planning is not opened.

Direct Planning Connect Home screen

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