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What’s new in Direct Planning 3.9

Volume Software is please to introduce the new features brought by Direct Planning 3.9.

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Configurable lists

Excel exports

Direct Planning 3.9 enables you to go further in your export of configurable lists in Excel format. Until now, you had to systematically open each list and click manually on the dedicated button to export the list, with a limited choice of options.

This function remains available but we added a new tab to enable you to export automatically the current list in the shared directory of your choice:

Automatic export when saving

The Automatic when saving operational mode offers the ability to automatically export the list each time your schedule is saved. The options shown above allow you to choose the file format, the saving folder (shared), the file name and its time stamp. Without time stamp, each export will overwrite the previous one, whereas activating time stamping, an option allows you to specify the number of days kept.

Manual export

The Manual operational mode allows you to export your list with a single click on the Automatic export, in compliance with your configured options.

Finally, in the Search and lists menu, the new Punctual export of configurable lists performs an instantaneous export of all the lists for which the automatic export is activated:


Job details

In the job details, we extended the options for navigating between jobs within a route.

In the lower part of the window, you will find the arrows for navigating within the route, in a new version which indicates the designation of the corresponding resource.

Please also note that in accordance with the colour code of the schedule, completed jobs are topped with a green line whereas jobs in progress are top with a blue progress bar against a yellow background.

For more information about a job of the route, you can click on it. In the example above, we click on the previous job:

In addition to the resource, the window now displays by default the first line of the ticket and its colour in the schedule, as well as its start date and time (planned or declared depending on the job status).
Click on the blue arrow to open directly the details for this job.

For the case of non-linear routes with jobs running in parallel, the button displays the number of previous/next jobs. In the example above, we have “2 jobs” located next down the route. Click on the button, or on the arrow, to display these two jobs:

As seen previously, this action displays more information about these jobs. Click on the job of your choice to access its details window.

Please note that the administrator can customize the information contain in these job preview windows. Using the example above, we replace the existing data with the delay and number of days early/late, and we choose to colour the tickets by colour of earliness/lateness:

Configuration on the display modes setup screen.

Result : on the one hand, the windows now display the delay and number of days early/late, and on the other hand, they are displayed against a green background to indicate that the jobs are early :

Up next…

In the next version, we’ll uncover a brand new version of the Current route feature, designed to offer a better representation of complex routes.