Industry Planning – Production progress

From the initial planning to monitoring the output produced, Direct Planning Industry allows you to accurately manage the schedule of your workshop.

Declaration of production

Initial planning: estimated quantities and durations

On each job initially scheduled, a machine, an operation, technical items and an estimated quantity to engage are stated. These data make it possible to automatically calculate an estimated setting time, an estimated rate and an estimated running time.

Note that in all cases, this automatic calculation can be temporarily deactivated to allow manual entry of these durations.

Monitoring achieved production: performed quantities and durations

As production progresses in the workshop, the following can be noticed for each job:

  • the performed, engaged quantity, which induces a percentage of completion
  • the performed setting time
  • the performed running time, which also gives the performed rate. Through a color code, Direct Planning will tell if the rate is fair or poor compared with the estimated rate.
  • the duration of downtime, which is not included in the calculation of performed rate.

In order to enter this production monitoring information in Direct Planning, you have two methods:

  • Several workstations running Direct Planning are available to the operators in the workshop. These ones enter the production data in real time or later, with a “Restricted rights” access, which only allows changing performed production items.
  • Production monitoring is performed in your information system (ERP, CAPM). If you follow our specifications, you can develop an interface which will allow automatic schedule update.

Completed jobs

If you don’t want to monitor performed quantities and durations in Direct Planning, you can still declare the jobs as completed with a simple click.

In that case, completed jobs take a gray, characteristic appearance. A simple glace at the schedule allows you to perfectly measure the progress of each machine.

Updated planning

Further to the entry of performed quantities and durations, Direct Planning can also update the estimated planning. A remaining running time is automatically calculated, based upon (as desired):

  • the observed, actual rate.
  • the estimated, initial rate, if you consider that the poor rate at the beginning of the production is not representative.

Industry Planning Features