Industry Planning – Characteristics of your machines

Workshop sections and Machines

In Direct Planning Industry, there are 2 methods for retrieving times and durations relating to your machines :

  • Times can either originate from the ERP ;
  • Or they can be calculated by Direct Planning.

Each machine has the following features:

  • a machine belongs to a workshop section. In the default display of the schedule, the machines are visually grouped by workshop sections.
  • a display order on screen. This way, machines can be vertically ranked in order of importance or in relation with the production range.
  • a default operation
  • default setting and running times. Production rate is stated in a working unit specific to the machine. Examples: pieces/hour, plates/hour, linear metres, etc.
Direct Planning Industry – A machine record

Direct Planning Industry – A machine record

Watch this video to learn more (in French):

Direct Planning Industry uses this data to automatically calculate the duration of your jobs upon first planning or machine change. However, you can still manually impose setting and running times. This is often the case when jobs are imported from within an information system (ERP, CAPM).

Compatible operations, setting and running times

If the specified setting and running times seem oversimple to you: for your information, setting and running times can be defined more accurately.

It is possible to describe different working modes for each machine, using various compatible operations. For each machine-operation pair, you can specify setting and running times.

You can also include technical items of production to even more sharpen your setting and running times.

Example: a setting time, depending upon the number of printed colours, or a running time depending upon the material profile and the printing complexity.

Opening calendar per machine

In order to describe the opening schedule of your machines (which depend upon the timetables of your teams on each machine), you can specify, per machine and per year:

  • general opening hours, via an annual standard week.
  • specific opening hours for a particular week.
  • specific opening hours for a particular day.
  • specific opening hours for a particular time slot (planned maintenance on a given day, for example).

In Direct Planning Industry, any scheduled job can go through a period of machine inactivity. The remaining duration is automatically scheduled just after the inactivity period.

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