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What’s new in Direct Planning 3.7

Volume Software is pleased to introduce the new features included in Direct Planning 3.7.

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Moving jobs

When moving a job using the mouse, at the edge of the screen, the window is no longer recentered on the job after the moving action.


Import log

After an import, in case of error or warning, Direct Planning enables you to open the import log:

Redesigned for more compactness, it is now displayed in a window which is embedded in Direct Planning. In the log, the warnings in yellow and errors in red are now easier to identify:

A quick filter is available to view only warnings and errors:

The search field enables you to find quickly a character string in the log.
For example, this will allow us to find all the import lines associated with a WO number:

This log file also gives you access to the list of import files, in order to quickly review their content:

You can also browse quickly the import logs from previous imports:

Calendar modification

In the same fashion as you could modify dynamically your machine calendars, by assigning standard days and/or weeks with given week and days, you can now perform these operations using the following import commands:

CAL-ST-LAddition/Modification/Deletion of the standard week of a given week,
using the designation of this standard week.
CAL-ST-CAddition/Modification/Deletion of the standard week of a given week,
using the code of this standard week.
CAL-JT-LAddition/Modification/Deletion of the standard day of a given date,
using the designation of this standard day.
CAL-JT-CAddition/Modification/Deletion of the standard day of a given date,
using the code of this standard day.

Example of modification of the standard week using its designation (CAL-ST-L command):

Before importing: On machine 2100, the standard week assigned with week 12 is the “2×8 Even weeks” week:

The import file will modify this week by running the following command:

Syntax: Job, Version, Action, Machine code, 1st day of the week, Designation of the new std week

The following import confirms that the command was taken into account:

Result: The standard week of week 12 is now the week labelled “3×8 Even weeks”:


  • Just like for the manual modification of the standard week, forced days are not affected by this command (Monday and Thursday of week 12 in the example above).
  • Likewise, the annual standard week and holidays are not affected, their configuration being done once for the whole year.

Lists of standard days and weeks

In lists of standard days and standard weeks, the “code” column was added, allowing to import standard days/week assignments with their code.


Excel format

Excel exports are now made natively in the XLSX format. An Excel export can also be performed on a station where Excel is not installed.


External applications

The launch of external applications, introduced in the previous version, can now be performed with a right click on a job.

Transition durations

As previously announced, the former deprecated function called “transition durations” is now completely removed.


After an update, the new features of the version are now displayed upon starting Direct Planning.