Project Planning – Interface with your information system

In order to avoid re-entry, data import from your information system (often called ERP or CAPM) is fundamental. On the other way, it may also be very interesting to send back information about the state of planning to your information system.

direct planning - importing / exporting data

Direct Planning – Importing / exporting data with your information system

Importing data from your information system

Direct Planning features an interface to import data (entities, jobs, links between jobs, technical items) from an information system (CAPM/ERP). Thus, jobs are automatically set in the schedule without any new entry.

To achieve this interface, your information has to be able to create comma-separated text files (CSV) complying with Direct Planning import format.

Exporting data to your information system

On the other side, upon each backup of the schedule, Direct Planning can export the schedule data to a structured text file. This data can then be retrieved and integrated into your information system (CAPM/ERP) or Microsoft Excel.

We automatically create a CSV text file containing all the planning information. A third-party application, as your information system, can then read this file in order to know the current state of planning.

Project Planning Features