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What’s new in Direct Planning 3.4 ?

This new version focuses on improving various Direct Planning core functionalities to offer you the best user experience. It features: optimization of job moving times, graphic evolution of our main menu and introduction of a new syntax for the “CM” action in the import instructions.

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Optimization of moving times

Direct Planning’s technical team has worked hard to shorten response times when moving jobs. Ultimately, we recorded significant time savings: for certain plannings, moving times were measured 4 to 6 times faster compared to the previous version.

Graphic evolution of the menu

The appearance of the main menu evolved slightly to adopt a more modern and sleek style.

Enrichment of the import feature

Addition of the Create/Modify (CM) instruction for jobs

In order to further simplify the interfacing of Direct Planning with your ERP, a new creation/modification syntax (“CM” instruction) is now available for the jobs.

Example of instruction:

TASK;4;CM;180021;Laser cutting;@MAC1;etc…

In this example, we specify that the text on the job must always contain “Laser cutting”, whether the job exists or not. Entering the character @ before MAC1 indicates that if the job is created, it is pre-positioned on the MAC1 machine. However, if the job already exists, @ indicates that this zone (the machine code) must not be modified. This way, if the planner moved this job to another machine, its positioning is preserved.

Evolution of the CM instruction for the other data types

The “CM” instruction already existed for data types such as entity, reference data and process information.

The new syntax introducing a possible use of @ is now available.