Direct Planning proposals

Direct Planning Commercial Offers

Direct Planning software is configurable to address different planning problems. There are 3 commercial offers:

Direct Planning Industry

Production schedule with advanced features.

Direct Planning Project

Development schedule, construction companies, marketing monitoring, etc.

Direct planning Service

Room reservation, car rental, holiday schedule, appointment schedule, etc.

Each level of offer has the features of the previous offer. This means that, if you have purchased a licence of Direct Planning Industry, you can also manage Service-type schedules (leave applications or vehicle reservations) or Project-type schedules of your company with the same software.

Comparative table of offers per feature

Secure access with login / password
Customization per trade
Configurable displays
Configurable entities (customer, order, etc.)
Job locks
Status “to schedule”
Configurable, visual flags
Alert upon non-receipt of awaited item
Manual alert
Calendar per resource
Import from / export to ERP
Configurable lists
Links between jobs
Time constraints (earliest start date, latest end date)
Planning assistance, adjusting at the earliest or at the latest
Automatic alerts on time constraints
Job progress
Monitoring planned time, performed time
Automatic re-evaluation of planned duration based upon progress
Workload histogram
Production operations
Technical items
Setting and running times defined per machine, operation and technical item
Estimated and performed quantities
Working units
Monitoring planned and performed setting, running and downtimes
Planned and performed work rate
Automatic calculation of duration based upon machine
Automatic transition times between jobs

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